jSpreadsheet plugin tooltip for cell :

plugins: [
        { name:'tooltip', plugin:jss_tooltip, options:{
           forComments: true,
           tooltips: {
               "A1": {message: "one error example", type:jspreadsheet.helpers.tooltipType.error},
               "B1": {message: "one warning example with <i>HTML</i><hr>Ok!", type:jspreadsheet.helpers.tooltipType.warning},
               "C1": {message: "one success example", type:jspreadsheet.helpers.tooltipType.success},

// Set programmaticaly tooltip in cell, Table1 is an instance of jexcel
Table1.setTooltip('A3', {name:'One object', valueString:'OK', valueBoolean:true, valueNumber:4});
Table1.setTooltip('B3', [[1,2,3], [4,5,6], [7,8,9]]);
Table1.setTooltip('C3', [
        {col1: "A", col2: 5, col3: 2.5},
        {col1: "B", col2: 6, col3: 2.3},
        {col1: "C", col2: 1, col3: 1.5, col5: "ABS"},
        {col1: "D", col2: 2, col3: 2.1}

This plugin is a premium plugin available on Repo of JSpreadsheet plugins

Download full version Documentation

you can try this plugin in limited version in your JSpreadsheet in localhost :

<script src="https://demo.gbonnaire.fr/dist/jss.tooltip.js"></script>
<link rel="stylesheet" href="https://demo.gbonnaire.fr/dist/jss.tooltip.css" type="text/css" />